Games artist and developer


I am a video games artist and developer based in Bristol, Uk.

I work on both freelance and personal projects, and specialise in:


  • 2D digital art
  • Pixel art
  • Developing in Unity
  • C# programming
  • Claymation and papercraft
  • Game design
I have a wide range of interests within game development, and am always looking to expand my skillset.
  1. 2D Digital Art
    I have several years experience using Adobe Photoshop to create art assets for games.
  2. Pixel Art
    One of the styles I use the most is pixel art, including isometric work.
  3. Claymation
    I have created sprites and animations using hand-made clay models in a light-box and camera set-up.
  4. Game Design
    I am currently designing an interactive narrative mystery game, and have worked on design in a number of game jams.
  5. C# Programming
    I am self-taught in C# and have programmed for several game projects.
  6. Unity Engine
    I have been using the Unity engine for around 2 years as part of a development team and on independent projects.