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As the Bitsy community is growing, many talented and creative people have begun exploring incorporating external features and finding ways to extend Bitsy's in-built capabilities. I wanted to create a space to collect these ideas together as a library of cool options to use or think about.
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It would be really cool to add music to my game...

In one of my games, I really wanted a soundtrack to be played in the background, so I added a link to a YouTube playlist in the description of my game on the page for people to click on. This works but it's a bit clunky! There's a cooler way of doing this that a few clever people have started doing in games like the last days of our castle  by c andle  ( @ragzouken)  or waking up while the sun sets by triage .

While it isn't built into the main Bitsy tool, it's possible to embed a YouTube video into the html file so that it auto-plays when you load the game page. This took me a few attempts to get right as HTML isn't one of my strong points, so here is my attempt at an absolute beginner's guide to how to do this:

1) Complete your bitsy game and download the html file.
2) Make sure you have software that can edit html files (e.g. Notepad++ )
3) Next you will need to paste an iframe tag into the body of the html. The format of this code is: 


but I have added details of how to retrieve and place this in your file below too for reference.

On the youtube page for the video that you want to embed, click 'Share' and then 'Embed' to get the link you will need. Copy this link for the next step.​

4) Open your Bitsy html file in your code editor, and search for "
5) Paste your iframe data that you copied from YouTube underneath the line.

6) Delete the width and height code, and replace it with: style="display:none;"

7) Delete any code following the src url (in this case frameborder="0" allowfullscreen). Inside the src url, at the end before the closing quotation mark, write: ?loop=1&autoplay=1

8) Save your html file. You can test it by uploading it to or just by opening the file in an internet browser. Hopefully you should now hear your music playing!

Imagine if I could use generated text in my games...

cephalopodunk ( @Zen_Benjaminwrote an excellent tutorial on how to do this after making Silence Would Be Better , a really cool Bitsy game where you can tune in to different radio stations and hear snippets of shows and songs generated through Tracery .

Take me to the tutorial!

I would like an alphabet, but I'm not sure that I want to write an ENTIRE alphabet myself...

Hangedman ( @JonahD)  has created and shared a fantastic alphabet tileset that you can import into your game, with full instructions on how to do so!

One Bitsy game is great, but how about two?...

James Wood ( @jctwoodcreated a really unique game, TUNNEL , which has two Bitsy games side by side, with one input for both. He created a dev log to explain the process that he used to create this effect.

I'd like to change the way my game looks when it is embedded...

Sean ( @seansleblancwrote a cool script to replace html canvases with responsive WebGL ones, which can be used when embedding your Bitsy games on 

To use in Bitsy, add the scipt and paste:
                                                                                                                    new WebGlazy()

at the bottom of the "startExportedGame" function.