Dear James,

I'm so happy that you found this page! I had a lot of fun preparing the puzzle, and imagining you solving it :)

I love so much that we find these amazing ways to express our love and challenge each other. I feel that creativity, problem-solving, exploring and sharing are such important parts of who we both are, and that they will always be at the core of our relationship. I really believe that if ever perhaps one of us is struggling with any of these things, the inspiration and support that we find in each other will bring us both through, to a new and exciting place on the other side. 

I feel so many things that I've never felt before with you. One interesting one is that I'm excited to see how I grow, how we both evolve, through being together. I think something I've struggled with before is one side of a relationship changing over time until we didn't fit any more, or perhaps it was learning that underneath an outer layer we never fitted that well in the first place.
With you I feel so strongly that not only are our cores so perfectly matched, in sync, and meant for each other, but we both strive to explore and for positive change in ourselves and the world around us, and that's such a huge part of the infinite expanse of why I love you that I don't feel scared of those changes - I want them. I want us to push each other and to grow together. I want to look at ivy vines entwined together and searching up along a wall until they reach so high that they can see things they would never have seen from the ground, and think of how it is such a perfect metaphor for us. 

I get so excited thinking of all the things that we will do together, and how everything I do from now on has so much more meaning because I get to share it with you, and form memories that will last forever. I want to visit castles and forests and beaches and cities and deserts and mountains and caves and palaces and markets and rivers and lakes and clouds and space with you. I want to build our imagination room and lie there for hours going on journeys with you and discovering new places in our minds. 

I think this is similar to one of the advent calendar quotes I chose, but I wish so much that I could let you see through my eyes to see you the way I see you - nothing I write can compare to the love that I feel when I'm talking to you, looking at you, thinking about you, touching you, anything you. And it's always the smallest most subtle things that make me feel the warmest, I wish I could share with you the deep passion I feel when your voice inflects a certain way, or in the way that you move your hands, the way that you look when you consider what someone has just said, the softness and intensity of your eyes that overwhelms me when you look at me, the way that you are so sincere and deliberate with your words, or the way that you get excited and exaggerate them. I love every movement that you make and word that you say.
You are truly an incredible person, James. You inspire me on so many levels - to create and to express, to be kinder to myself and to other people, to share more, to be closer to those who are important to me and to focus on enjoying time with them, to be adventurous, to read, to travel, to explore, to be happy... I can't even begin to list all the ways in which you make me want to be a better person and to spend time on things that are truly important. You are so wise, and I respect and admire you so much. I also agree with your friend in school who said that you are effortlessly cool, whether or not you believe it!

I love writing these letters to you so much - I love feeling so expressive around you and able to tell you how I feel so easily, and there's always an endless amount that I could say on the matter of how much I love you, and how wonderful you are. I feel so so happy around you. 

I will stop writing for now as it's the day before Hebden Bridge and I want to sleep a lot before I see you! I am excited far beyond words and will only be able to express it fully when we are reunited. I hope that we are together when you read this so that you can turn to me now and hold me and I can look into your eyes to tell you that I love you xxx