Before I Forget
I am currently doing programming, game design and 3D modelling within our company,
3-Fold Games  ( @3foldgames ) for our game 'Before I Forget', which we are aiming to release in Q4 2018.
Before I Forget is a first-person narrative adventure game, in which you embody a woman with early-onset dementia and explore her house, interacting with objects that trigger her thoughts and memories, though she is not always able to understand them.
Virtual Natural History Museum
I am the lead artist for the VNHM - an exciting upcoming online natural history museum with digital exhibits from real museums worldwide. Users will be able to navigate through the museum within the browser and interact with other users and exhibits. 
Follow the progress of the project at:  or  @VirtualNHM
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    Copyright (c) 2015 by Claire Morley. All rights reserved.
Decay of Terethia
I designed and programmed a text-based role-playing game as a Windows console application with in-game ascii art and external digital art. The game features exploration, battles and conversation/item-themed quests. 

Chapter 1 of the game is available at:
I enjoy taking part in game jams regularly and making small games to take breaks from my larger projects! Most of the small games I've made recently for jams are on my account . There's a few others that I've included below too. 
I really love working with different people and trying to come up with something cohesive in a short time frame. While I very much like the format of game jams, I have developed ideas about what I think works within them, my own creative process, and what is a healthy attitude towards game-making (e.g. not crunch) - I co-founded the Fuse Jam to experiment with some of these ideas and provide a new jam for people to meet physically (so many are online-only now!) and make things together!
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Raijin and Fujin: a game for Global Game Jam, January 2017
I co-programmed a strategy game for Global Game Jam 2017, where I mainly took the role of techincal artist, creating shaders and particle effects.

The game is available at:

The source code is available at:
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    Copyright (c) 2015 by Claire Morley. All rights reserved.
Frontman: a game for Ludum Dare 34
I collaborated with a friend and worked on the art for our entry to Ludum Dare 34 Game Jam. The game follows the theme of the jam - 'growing' - as a platformer in which you grow your band to success. Beginning with a guitarist, you gain new band members and add layers of music to your band's song.
We later developed the game as a personal edition for one of the local bands that we featured in the game.
Available on the LD site  or at
Porthole: a game for Ludum Dare 29
I collaborated with a friend for the Ludum Dare 29 Game Jam, in which I created clay art assets for the Jam theme 'Beneath the Surface'. Porthole is an exploration game in which the player explores a submarine claymation world to find the landscapes and creatures that reside there.
Available on the LD site  and to download at:
125 Monkey Games: a game for Mini Ludum Dare 50
I collaborated with a friend for the Mini Ludum Dare 50 Game Jam, in which I created pixel art assets for the Jam theme 'Demakes'. 125 Monkey Games is a 'demake' (a retro remake) of the mini game 'Monkey Target' from Super Monkey Ball.
Available on the LD site
Fuse Jam
I co-founded and co-organise a game jam, the Fuse Jam ( @fusejambristol), in Bristol (website coming soon!). The jam was founded from our wish for more game jams with a physical get-together to meet new people, and for a desire to experiment with the traditional jam format, particularly the theme and the way in which it can drive creativity. We had a very succesful first jam in November 2017 with around 30 people, hosted by Aardman Animation, and are currently planning our second jam.
Bitsy community and micro-game workshops
I am active within a community of people who use and promote Bitsy  (a web-based editor created by Adam Le Doux) as a tool for making small narrative games. I wrote a tutorial for using the tool, and help to run a Bitsy news twitter ( @bitsypcs ). 
I also co-ran a workshop at Bath Spa University in October 2017 on making micro-games, in which I used Bitsy, Twine and Flatpack as examples.
I will be co-running a workshop for young people in Bristol at Digimakers in February 2018 on Bitsy as an introductory tool for game-making.
I am also starting up a regular meetup for making games in Bitsy in Bristol soon with a friend.